About Us

We are one of the leading goods transport companies in Pakistan and specialists in providing equipment transportation services to multinational companies throughout Pakistan since year-2006.

Our Progress


The state of the hauling art has advanced to a high degree in recent years and CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. has purchased and utilizes one of the most appropriate vehicles available in Pakistan. Heavy specialized moves involve use of multi combinations, steering dollies, hydraulic trailer, cranes, Mazda Trucks, Flatbed trucks, 4x4 Vans and chain pulleys which can handle loads to weights and lengths unimaginable.

How we Deliver

CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. Transport Company experts have the imagination, and the know-how, to devise the right system for your loads. CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. project management will permit, move and deliver your load safely to its destination.CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. has transported the sophisticated and heavy equipment & goods for a large number of projects within Pakistan. Modules both huge in size and weight had to be transported on suitable vehicles and trailer and off load in one of the most hilly areas and challenging environments of Pakistan. If it is big, heavy and fragile or offers a unique transport challenge, CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. experienced teams can deliver it.

CEO Message

Muhammad Sardar

CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. is your one-window logistics service provider. We specialize in flexible delivery solutions that get your goods to your customers on time, safely and in the most cost-efficient manners. No matter how small the job or big the project we will handle all the details, covering freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution. Our work experience in Pakistan ensures that we know how to get it done and get it done right. Exceeding the needs of our customers has been the driving motivation behind CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. It is what powers our commitment to continuous improvement and what maintains our expert team’s dedication to being the best in the industry. This is what fuels our company’s growth. With a network of our regional offices in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Multan, CMA Goods Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the most trusted full-service supply chain provider in the Pakistan. Our relationships with multinational companies are a testament to this. It is all a consequence of believing that we are partners with our customers. Your success is our business.

Core Values

  • Flexible
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Honest

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